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The benefits of Vitamin C

Do you know vitamin C and its benefits?

This element helps keep the body and mind strong, healthy and responsive. 

Even if it is not produced naturally by our body, it is in any case a fundamental element for our health and, fortunately, it is easily found in many foods available in any grocery store. 

Its function is to intervene in numerous enzymatic and metabolic processes, useful for maintaining our daily activities unaltered. 

Why take Vitamin C?

It is understood that vitamin C is an important element for our body, but what exactly are its benefits?

We see…


  1. Strengthens immune defenses

Especially during seasonal changes, taking Vitamin C helps prevent common flus and colds. 

The reason is because Vitamin C helps to increase antibodies in the body, plus it has a detoxifying action on the body, minimizing the effect of toxin exposure.


2. Protect and repair tissues

The production of beneficial cells by this vitamin helps the production of other fundamental components for our body , such as the collagen protein, responsible for the correct elasticity and functionality of connective tissues and skin. 

Connective tissues can be listed as;

  • cartilages;
  • bone;
  • skin;
  • capillaries;
  • teeth;

Other beneficial cells may be platelets, responsible for the reconstruction of our tissues caused by lacerations such as cuts, burns or in the most serious cases fractures.  

3. Antioxidant

That is, it counteracts the action of free radicals and protects cells from oxidative stress, giving them a healthier and longer-lasting life.

4. Useful in case of anemia

One of the properties of Vitamin C is that it helps absorb iron, which is difficult for our body to assimilate. 

Due to tiredness, muscle fatigue or anemia, the iron naturally produced by our body can decrease, it is therefore necessary to replenish it orally through food tastes or supplements. 

However, since it is difficult to absorb by our body and metabolism, it is advisable to accompany the intake of iron with Vitamin C. 

5. Helps fight stress

Another benefit of Vitamin C is that it is a nutrient that promotes the production of molecules that regulate nervous impulses and therefore also our moods and also regulate stress situations. 

What happens if we are deficient in Vitamin C?

Even if not produced naturally, Vitamin C is very important for the healthy and constant functioning of our body. 

In extreme cases, if not taken for an extremely long period of time, you may experience:

  • abdominal swelling;
  • bleeding gums;
  • slow healing;
  • general fatigue;
  • scurvy;
  • possible depression;
  • poor digestion.

Having a balanced diet therefore helps keep our body healthy and promotes the continuation of a healthy, free and active life; It is therefore important to make an effort every day to eat all the foods rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts useful for the proper functioning of our body.


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