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HYGEE迎新禮遇 | 現凡訂閱我們 即可享網店首單9折優惠

現凡訂閱我們 即可享首單9折優惠


Collagen: The Secret to a Healthy, Long-Lasting Tan

The goals of the upcoming hot season? Whether at the seaside, in the mountains or in the city, for many it will always be relaxation, fun, discovering new things and… a beautiful golden tan, but above all healthy and natural. To achieve it, the principle of “in & out” wins: take care of your skin from the outside, with good sunscreens, but also from the inside.

This perfect tandem will help us maintain our tan longer, but not only that! Our health is also at stake: in this way we will reduce the risk of erythema and sunburn, avoiding the fateful increase in furrows and wrinkles, micro-lesions to the capillaries and prolonged skin redness.

In this context, to limit the damage of the fearsome photoaging caused by external factors (such as UV rays), starting a treatment with hydrolyzed collagen HYGEE CH+ in advance will allow us to arrive on vacation with skin ready to achieve a splendid tan thanks to new strength and resistance.

Photoaging: How the Sun Damages Our Skin

But let's start from the beginning: photoaging, by causing free radicals, is capable of creating harmful changes within the body, even altering our DNA. 

Sun rays also cause a structural alteration of proteins that, due to their conformation, will begin to degrade. To counteract this, improving the protein response will be a necessary action: here comes into play the dose of at least 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen HYGEE CH+ which, taken daily, supports the continuous endogenous stimulation of the collagen protein, making our dermis more resistant in depth, thus counteracting photoaging.

Should we be afraid of tanning? Absolutely not! By being prepared, our skin will know how to face the sun's rays, without risking reaching the end of summer with some unpleasant news: thinned skin, less hydrated and with unsightly sun spots.

Let's nourish our skin from the inside with bioactive hydrolyzed collagen, specific vitamins with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, avoiding problems that would cause a slow recovery of the normal skin stratification. 

Exposing yourself “badly” to the sun and getting burned (and perhaps suffering from unsightly peeling) produces a state of rapid dryness and burning, which could last a long time. In that case, hydration and thickness decrease, favoring the increase of wrinkles: our cells will have to work much faster to restore the outer layers of the dermis! 

The result will obviously not only be on our face: if a loss of tone, hydration and elasticity risks emphasizing the furrows of our face, even the skin of the body could be more flaccid, in the case of possible weight loss. It is therefore important to keep it hydrated not only from the outside, but also from the inside, adding adequate physical activity that will help replace the fat mass with a more toned lean mass

The winning formula for healthy and radiant skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins

You have already understood how collagen can support the endogenous creation of the collagen protein of our dermis. Its supplementation with hyaluronic acid will therefore be essential (to maintain the right level of hydration and water molecules at the skin level, making the skin more toned) but also with other important vitamin C that will support the physiological functions of the skin.

Like real cleaners, with their photoprotective properties these vitamins will help counteract the damage of the already known free radicals: altered molecular fragments that, traveling in our body, will damage the DNA, speeding up cell death.

For this reason we recommend integrating your daily nutritional routine with  HYGEE CH+ Beauty Active collagen , enriched with hydrolysed collagen , Vitamin C , hyaluronic acid and magnesium ideal for nourishing the skin from within.


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