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HYGEE CH+ Collagen Full Effect Type

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The ingredients in the formula are natural, comprehensively targeting the health of joints, bones, muscles, and skin, effectively repairing and promoting cartilage regeneration , keeping joints flexible , and ensuring long-lasting health of the body.

The full-effect formula combines high-quality collagen (mainly types I and II) and vitamin C, and its effects:
- Repairs and helps to regenerate cartilage
- Keep joints flexible
- Enhance bone and muscle mass
- Can enhance the function of collagen and effectively promote the synthesis of collagen in the body
- Care for skin, teeth, gums, hair and nails
- Improve the body's immune function
- Powder formula absorbs easily


  1. Collagen is extracted and purified from natural products, no additives, no fat, sugar, cholesterol, preservatives, allergens , genetically modified organisms (GMO) , sweeteners and chemical compounds
  2. Complete formula, collagen plus vitamin C , to help collagen synthesis in the body to ensure optimal efficiency
  3. Unique collagen extraction mechanism, natural ingredients, no chemical residues
  4. Optimal dosage: 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per day for optimal efficiency *
  5. Research and development in France, manufacturing in Spain, quality assurance (HACCP standard)
  6. Advanced hydrolysis technology, hydrolyzed (pre-digested) collagen, small molecules, more than 95% absorbed by the human body
  7. Rich in amino acids and vitamin C
  8. Compatible ( supplement or drug ) with no side effects or interactions, safe and reliable
  9. Powdered formula absorbs easily

Applicable people: It is suitable for anyone who cares about joint health and wishes to have a healthy body , skin and maintain physical activity.

Ingredients : HYGEE CH+® Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamin C.

Dosage : 10 grams of HYGEE CH +® Hydrolyzed Collagen, equivalent to a spoonful ( the measuring spoon is attached to the jar ) .

Form : Soluble powder in a 30-dose (day) pack.

Taste : natural taste

How to use: Dissolve one scoop of collagen powder daily ( measured spoon attached to jar ) (recommended for breakfast) in liquid food: dilute with water, coffee, tea, juice, milk or any hot or cold beverage