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HYGEE迎新禮遇 | 現凡訂閱我們 即可享網店首單9折優惠

現凡訂閱我們 即可享首單9折優惠


The benefits of hydrolyzed collagen for joints

Collagen and joints work together to provide us with a vibrant, resilient, yet flexible body.

These two components function in sync, and if one component is lacking, the other component will be affected and wear down faster.

That being said, it is interesting to understand, in a broader sense, what joints are and then explain why collagen is crucial for their proper functioning.

What are Joints?

Joints are simply a group of structures that enable movement, including cartilage, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscle fibers.

The condition of our joints is influenced by various factors, such as age, lifestyle, type of work, and physical activity levels.

There are basically two main types of joints:

Fixed joints: These joints are primarily found in the skull and are immovable. They provide stability and protection to the underlying structures.

Semi-mobile joints: These joints, such as those between the vertebrae, allow limited movement. They provide flexibility and support for various body movements.

Having healthy joints means a reduced likelihood of injuries or experiencing unpleasant pain and discomfort due to joint wear and tear.

Collagen and Joints

One of the proteins that contribute to maintaining joint health is a protein called collagen, which is particularly abundant in connective tissues.

It is estimated that collagen makes up approximately 70% of cartilage, up to 90% of bone, and 70% of ligaments.

One significant characteristic of collagen is its ability to provide internal structure to our body tissues, making them more resilient yet flexible to withstand significant impact and injury.

Having an adequate amount of collagen in the body can help ensure that joints maintain both strength and flexibility simultaneously.

 When there is a lack of collagen

From the age of 25 onwards, our bodies naturally start producing less collagen, and over time, this can lead to gradual deterioration of our tissues and connective structures.

Therefore, to maintain a healthy, strong, and mobile body, it is essential to find suitable solutions that can replenish and supplement the lost collagen in our bodies, thus preserving joint health. One such solution is hydrolyzed collagen.

How can HYGEE help your joints?

HYGEE, as a food supplement, is based on hydrolyzed collagen and is designed to provide an adequate amount of collagen protein for joints and the entire body. It is claimed to have a preventive effect in maintaining the health of joints and other connective tissues.

When taken correctly on a daily basis, HYGEE aims to provide the recommended amount of collagen protein to replenish the protein lost over time.

Over 170 scientific studies suggest that the optimal daily intake of collagen protein through oral supplementation is 10 grams, which aligns with the recommended intake of HYGEE food supplement.

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