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Relationship between collagen and bone problems (osteopenia and osteoporosis)

HYGEE CH+ is very suitable as a nutritional supplement for the prevention and treatment of diseases related to osteopenia.

Abnormal metabolism of bone collagen is an important cause of various bone diseases. The most common bone diseases mainly include osteoporosis and osteoarthrosis.

Bone consists of a collagen matrix (40% of its dry weight) bound to calcium salts. Bone collagen not only improves the toughness of bones, but also forms a dense network of collagen scaffolds, which firmly adheres inorganic calcium to the collagen scaffolds to maintain the bone density required by the human body.

With the aging of the human body, the activity of osteoblasts decreases, the synthesis of bone collagen is slow, and it is difficult to be replenished. The old bone collagen continues to degrade, decompose, mutate or change in structure, and even age. When the collagen that forms this matrix is ​​lost and deteriorates, calcium salts become unsupported and decalcified (decalcification). No matter how much calcium and vitamin D we consume, the calcium will not bind to the bone and the bone matrix will deteriorate. Plus, consuming excess unused calcium can mean it ends up being deposited in the kidneys and arteries. As the collagen continues to lose, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus cannot be deposited in the bones, resulting in continuous loss of bone mass, and at this time osteoporosis will occur.

Taking 10 grams of HYGEE CH+ per day helps to regenerate the collagenous bone matrix, allowing it to subsequently remineralize and utilize the depleted calcium.

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