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skin aging problems

HYGEE CH+ is strongly recommended to be used to help correct and prevent skin aging and its signs (wrinkles, skin sagging ...), since both are the result of loss and degeneration of collagen fibers and elastin in the dermis, responsible for smoothing the skin. The most effective and natural supplement for these proteins is through food, from within (not topical creams), through the blood, delivering the nutrients to the skin. Like other tissues composed of collagen, HYGEE CH+ immediately provides ready-to-use specific nutrients (amino acids of collagen) dedicated to regenerating skin cells (fibroblasts), promoting and boosting their function. This improves skin smoothness and elasticity, and reduces skin wrinkles. Although marketing leads us to believe that daily use of beauty creams is good for skin care, it is more effective and economical to take 10 grams of HYGEE CH+ per day, and the benefits of HYGEE CH+ also allow us to take care of other collagenous tissues (joints, bones, muscles and tendon connective tissue … …), contribute to improving their health and mobility. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the skin benefits of consuming hydrolyzed collagen.

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