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Subscribe Us to Enjoy 10% off Discount for Your 1st Online Order

About us

Providing the best support solution for your health is our top priority!

Our Philosophy

HYGEE is a French brand about health, beauty and natural life care.

HYGEE is dedicated to meeting your inner health needs at every stage of your life. Backed by science, we use natural ingredients to create high-quality nutrition that strives to be a part of your life, providing optimal support for your health and allowing you to reach your highest potential.

Goddess HYGEE

Goddess HYGEE

In Greek mythology, Hygee is the goddess of health care.
She is a medical genius related to life care.
HYGEE symbolizes health preventive medicine.
She was born in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago.
Legend has it that Hygee has a wonderful secret: she has the power to never get sick and live a healthy life.

Our Products

Our Products

Developed in cooperation with a professional medical team of European biologists, doctors and engineers, HYGEE's products herald the evolution and revolution of new lifestyles and health issues.

Based on the latest scientific development, we carefully select high-quality raw materials and under the control of healthcare professionals, to provide you with innovative, pure natural, balanced formula based on collagen, accurate and effective health solutions, so that you can feel at ease and rest assured use

Product Information

Special Feature

Discover what makes HYGEE CH+ unique


CH+ HYGEE is extracted and refined from natural raw materials


Sugar-free, fat-free, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, preservatives and chemical residues, artificial sweeteners and colors

High Efficacy, Complete Formula

HYGEE CH+ contains Collagen Type I and Type II, ensuring effective action on the whole body

Rich in nutrients

Our collagen contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, magnesium and rich amino acids

Optimal daily dose

A recommended daily dose of 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen has many positive effects on the skin, joints and tendons. Lower quantities do not guarantee the desired effect

Easy to use

Our hydrolyzed collagen is odorless, colorless and dissolves easily in hot or cold liquids or beverages. Caking is not allowed

Collagen health care expert from France

Collagen health care expert from France

At the heart of all products under the HYGEE Laboratoires brand is the DSIG Group. DSIG Group is an independent French company registered in France, specializing in the development of high-quality health care products in Europe.

The project was born out of the collaboration of two experts in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, who have a wealth of experience and deep understanding and knowledge of future health and beauty issues in both Asian and Western countries.

Vision: To understand the benefits of collagen-based health solutions and develop highly effective, well-balanced formula solutions at an affordable price for people who have a modern lifestyle, face daily health issues, and are willing to put health and beauty first .

Brand DNA : HYGEE CH+ Pure Natural Collagen Powder Series is the result of long-term cooperation and sharing of their experience and expectations by a professional team of biologists, doctors and engineers. They are based on scientific publications and clinical research expertise, as well as in high-quality Experience in the selection of raw materials, in a certified natural collagen extraction process, to develop highly effective and balanced formulas. In addition, HYGEE products are all manufactured in Europe, which allows us to guarantee the highest product quality and absolute respect for the environment.